Stream Deck Stand

I've 3D printed a new Stream Deck stand that offers a ~60 degree view. It's more straight up than the existing one that comes...

Massdrop Originative GMK Keycap Extravaganza! (lots of keycap sets)

Massdrop is now having a GMK Keycap Extravaganza.  12 Keycap sets from Miami to Skidolcha. Headover to Massdrop to take a look.
Logitech G Pro Keyboard

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Review Coming Soon

Just bought a Logitech G Pro Keyboard. I'll be doing a review of it soon. Update: Keyboard just came in, took some pictures and will...
Red Scarf Top Down

Red Scarf II+ Version D Keyboard on Massdrop

  Red Scarf II+ Version D Mechanical Keyboard now available on The Red Scarf II+ Ver. D has an interesting layout that can be slightly...

Stickered my Novatouch case

They call this a stickerbomb, but it's more like slow placement of stickers and trying to make sure I don't cut myself with an...
Photobooth layout Render

Group-Buy SA Photo Studio now open!

Another SA Group-Buy has started, and they just need to stop making such good looking kits!  This colorway is not only great, but the...
Forge 60+ render

Interest Check for GMK Forge Keycaps

  IC = Interest Check This is an interest check to see how many people would be interested in buying the keycap set.  Most keycap sets...

TX1800v2 Group-Buy Preorder started!

The TX1800v2 keyboard has started the Version 2 keyboard Group-Buy!  This ships around the first few weeks of July.  I'm currently unsure of the...
silent switches

Cherry MX Silent Black switch group buy

Another successful Group-Buy ended with the Cherry MX Silent Red switch a month ago, and Sennin32 has started his next round with a different...
Yuri modifiers

Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Yuri Keycaps now on Massdrop!

I've been waiting for these since I saw the original interest check.  This is a beautiful colorway that will work with any keyboard.  GMK...