Autonomous ErgoChair – Cheaper alternative to the Aeron and others (Updated)

Autonomous ErgoChair with updated partial review

As someone interested in ergonomic chairs, I decided to explore alternatives to my current Herman Miller Aeron chair. After stumbling upon the Autonomous ErgoChair 2, I became intrigued by its reputation and affordable price. However, my initial research raised some doubts about the company’s customer service and showroom experience.

Reddit discussions revealed that the chair had a significant following, making me eager to find out if it truly lived up to the hype. I attempted to schedule an appointment at their Los Angeles showroom, but the appointment system proved frustrating and unclear. Ultimately, I had to resort to their chat system to seek information on testing and purchasing the product. I found it strange that while they had a showroom, you couldn’t actually purchase the chair there, and instead had to order online for delivery.

Despite this inconvenience, my interest in the chair remained high, so I finally managed to visit their showroom at the WeWork offices in Santa Monica. There, I discovered they had limited stock on-site, which explained the absence of immediate purchase options. The chair’s comfort pleasantly surprised me, with its seat cushion providing ample support for extended use. The mesh back was a boon for Los Angeles summers, offering a comfortable leaning experience, though not quite as plush as my Herman Miller Aeron.

I appreciated the addition of the headrest, a feature I missed in my previous chairs. It allowed for more comfortable reclining and moments of relaxation while working. The armrests, while not the most comfortable, were still adequate with adjustable positions.

One thing I found missing was a clearly labeled tension adjustment lever, which made finding and adjusting the reclining tension a bit of a guessing game. I later discovered that the lever was situated underneath the seat, which wasn’t the most convenient location. The seat’s forward movement capability was somewhat limited, but given the chair’s price point, I understood that certain features might not be as extensive as higher-end models.

The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 does have a height limitation, capping at 3 inches, which may pose issues for individuals over 6’2″. Despite these minor setbacks, I was genuinely impressed with the chair, especially when considering its competitive price point.

In conclusion, the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 proves to be a strong contender in the realm of affordable ergonomic chairs. Although it may have some minor drawbacks and lacks certain features of higher-end models, it still provides excellent value for its price. For those seeking a budget-friendly alternative to pricier chairs like the Herman Miller Embody, the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is definitely worth considering. My brief visit to the showroom left me with a positive impression, and the chair’s comfort and competitive features were compelling enough to merit serious consideration.

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I didn’t have much time there since I was on my lunch break, but here are some pictures of the chair I was able to take.

Here are some other reviews that shed some light on the quality and comfort of the chair


(Update 11-14-2017) I will be purchasing a DIY Desk kit from them soon and expect a review soon after.

Autonomous has since updated their line-up with Pro and Pro Plus models.  I’ve yet to try one, but they do look like a great improvement.  Let me know if you have tried one!

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