Red Scarf II+ Version D Keyboard on Massdrop



Red Scarf II+ Version D Mechanical Keyboard now available on

The Red Scarf II+ Ver. D has an interesting layout that can be slightly customized with a with a full numpad on the right-hand side.  This is a full kit and includes a PCB, a plate, a case, and stabilizers and brass feet.  This kit still requires soldering skills and does require some assembly. The keyboard features bottom-lit RGB LEDs and supports through-hole LEDs for those who really want to light up their desktop. The ultra-thin shell design and translucent acrylic material further accentuate the keyboard’s sleek look. Once assembled, pop on the brass feet for an ergonomic angle that will stay put when you’re typing.

The PCB support RGB LEDs and support through-hole switch LEDs for that spotlight on your desk.  The case is acrylic to allow the light to shine through and you’ll never forget where your keyboard is…. (Only when plugged in).

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