Philips X2/27 Fidelio – My favorite cans for music and gaming

Soooooooo goood!
Philips x2/27 headphones

These are my ‘at home’ headphones.  Gaming, music, or audio books these things remind me every time why I bought them.  Word of caution: Open-back headphones should only be used at home or in private when you don’t want to bug strangers or co-workers.

The soundstage is why I originally bought them, they became my favorite because of its ‘fun’ tone. If you are looking for a lot of bass, these certainly bring them.

The clamping force can be something to deal with, it’s not bad on my noggin but others who have come by to listen to them have made comments that it does feel like a small vice.  When this article will go up, I’ll have had them on my head for 6 hours and no headaches and ears feel fine.

For gaming the X2s have been such a wonderful set. Knowing where everyone may be coming from with the soundstage has helped in so many ways… Mainly knowing that my reaction time isn’t good enough these days.

When people are looking for a new gaming headphones, they overlook headphones like these due to the lack of a microphone. Thankfully these headphones work great with the V-MODA BoomPro Gaming Mic.  The audio that is picked up is great, not a whole lot of background noise, and the flexible mic is good when you want it in front of your mouth or to push it out of the way.

Another option for a gaming mic is the Antlion Mod Mic.  I have this mic and used it in the past with my Sennheiser HD598s and my Fostex T50RP MK3. It works great, but I wanted to give the V-MODA’s a shot, and it wins in my book.


It’s worth every penny on these, you should click this link and just buy them. Stop thinking you can hear them coming Long-A, and be sure of that with the Philips X2.

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