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Firefox not respecting changing audio devices?

So, I ran into this weird audio problem today. Everything was fine yesterday and for months, but now my Stream Deck and Loupedeck combo...

Loupedeck 3D printed stand: Enhance Your Streaming Setup

I've decided to buy a loupedeck streamer/gaming/productivity device. The stand they designed is rather odd with a clamping like system to stay on. ...

Velja Review: Streamline Your Browsing Experience with Every Click

If you like to separate your browsers based on personal or work, this might be the app you've been missing. Link to the Devs websiteLink...

Revised Airpod Pro 2nd Gen with USB C and Lossless Audio

Apple has announced the release of the second-generation AirPods Pro, which come with a USB-C charging case and lossless audio capabilities. The new AirPods...

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Upgrades/Mods

I'm using this post to go through my adventure of printing mods for the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printer. MOD: Top glass lid riser Why? Raise...

New Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Printer!

A box came! The Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printer has arrived! We are so excited to set this up and start seeing the...

Stream Deck Stand

I've 3D printed a new Stream Deck stand that offers a ~60 degree view. It's more straight up than the existing one that comes...

El Gato StreamDeck+

A new revision of the StreamDeck has been released. The StreamDeck+ offers 2 rows of 4 LCD buttons, a touch screen bar, and...
Office Chair

Autonomous ErgoChair – Cheaper alternative to the Aeron and others (Updated)

Autonomous ErgoChair with updated partial review As someone interested in ergonomic chairs, I decided to explore alternatives to my current Herman Miller Aeron chair. After...

Massdrop Originative GMK Keycap Extravaganza! (lots of keycap sets)

Massdrop is now having a GMK Keycap Extravaganza.  12 Keycap sets from Miami to Skidolcha. Headover to Massdrop to take a look.