Firefox not respecting changing audio devices?

So, I ran into this weird audio problem today. Everything was fine yesterday and for months, but now my Stream Deck and Loupedeck combo is acting up. I usually use them to switch between speakers and headphones without a hitch. It’s super handy, especially when I’m blasting music on speakers and suddenly need to join a Slack huddle.

But today, for some reason, the audio switcheroo wasn’t working, and it was messing with Firefox only. Any sound from YouTube, Reddit, you name it, just wouldn’t follow my default audio device. Then, I stumbled upon this random post from last month by a user named /u/rinesen who had the same problem. Turns out, Windows decided to change the output device for Firefox on its own. Once I switched it back to “Default,” everything was back to normal.

So, if you’re facing this issue:

  1. Go to Windows Settings.
  2. Click on System and then Sound.
  3. Scroll down and pick “Volume Mixer.”
  4. Expand the settings for “Firefox.”
  5. Change the Output Device from whatever it is (like “Device A”) to good ol’ “Default.”

Simple fix, but man, these tech hiccups can be a PITA.. Keep an eye on your settings, folks!

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