Stream Deck Stand

I've 3D printed a new Stream Deck stand that offers a ~60 degree view. It's more straight up than the existing one that comes...

Yubikey 5 and 5C token case

I've 3D printed a Yubikey case. There's two options for both the USB-A and USB-C variants of the Yubikey 5 NFC You can purchase...
Autonomous DIY desk

Autonomous DIY Smart Desk was delivered (updated)

Just picked up my Autonomous DIY Smart Desk.  Pretty excited to move on from my slightly warping desk and to see if a standing...

The Logitech 922x is finally on sale along with other items

The Logitech 922x never went on sale on Black Friday, but it seems that now is the time to pick it up.  Regularly at...
Roku Premiere+

Roku Premiere Plus – Is it worth the upgrade? Depends on what you have

I have five streaming media players in my house. An Apple TV (1st gen), Amazon Firestick (1st gen), Chromecast, Roku 3, and now a...
Zowie Monitor

BenQ/Zowie XL2430T – You didn’t know 144hz could be that awesome

Zowie (BenQ) 2430/T I bought this monitor a few years back after reading about how vastly smoother games look when running 144hz. I almost didn't...
X2 beautifuls

Philips X2/27 Fidelio – My favorite cans for music and gaming

These are my 'at home' headphones.  Gaming, music, or audio books these things remind me every time why I bought them.  Word of caution:...
Fostex Headband

Fostex T50RP MK3 – Great Planar entry level headphones

If you're on the hunt for beautiful, low-cost headphones with planar magnetic technology, look no further than Fostex. Though they market them as 'open'...