BenQ/Zowie XL2430T – You didn’t know 144hz could be that awesome

Zowie (BenQ) 2430/T

I bought this monitor a few years back after reading about how vastly smoother games look when running 144hz. I almost didn’t believe it, but the reviews made me want to give it a shot.  My monitor is BenQ branded, and since then they have bought Zowie to take over their gaming products.

The monitor is beautifully adjustable with its heavy duty stand. It can flip vertical, stay horizontal and be adjusted up and down rather easily.  The stand has a pass through to route your cables, but I think it could be better if it had a grommet installed.

A feature of the monitor is the ability to change your settings on the fly with its circular remote.  Its an interesting idea, but I have yet to find myself ever using it.

There’s a built in headphone stand on the left side of the monitor above the USB 3 ports. It could be stronger plastic, and it would be a better idea to put it on both sides since every setup is different.

Cost: $359.00

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