El Gato StreamDeck+

A new revision of the StreamDeck has been released. The StreamDeck+ offers 2 rows of 4 LCD buttons, a touch screen bar, and 4 rotary knobs.

So far I’ve gotten it out of the box and plugged in. I’m now working on migrating some old of the hotkeys from my old setup and getting this working on my mac.

First thoughts:

  • I’ll have to figure out how to adjust to only 8 LCD buttons
  • The rotary knobs feel nice, the clicks in the adjustment are very noticeable
  • Larger footprint, but a better angle. I do wish they offered an adjustable stand for a more vertical angle.
  • The touch bar is nice, but would like it if it would allow me to have them independent from the rotary knobs.
  • Detachable cable is a nice welcome and makes it easier to place/connect it on your desk. The cable itself is fabric coated and flexible.

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