Bose Companion 5 – The best PC speakers I’ve ever purchased

These are hands down the best speakers I’ve ever purchased.  I also bought the Bose Companion 3, which are also fantastic.   The build quality and sound quality are far more surprising than you would think, but the price tag shouldn’t worry you.  These last forever.  I purchased these because I wanted a decent sound system for my PC and didn’t have the room to deal with a 5.1 setup.

The Companion 5 are USB connected, which I was slightly skeptical about since I’ve always used a 3.5 connector and didn’t want to rely on software.  These are plug and play, and just work.  My ears were shocked at how good these sounded with all genres of music.

Just like the Bose Sport In-Ear headphones that we recommend on this site, we cannot recommend these enough.

If you don’t buy them, you are keeping your ears from enjoying bliss.  I’m sure there are custom setups you can buy that will leave these in the dust, but for a “as is” system, these are baws.

Buy the Bose Companion 5

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