My current Keyboard Collection

In Use:
CoolerMaster Novatouch (Home)
Silenced with Hypersphere rings
GMK Carbon Keycaps

CoolerMaster Novatouch (Office)
Silenced with Elite Keyboards Landing-Pads
GMK Stormtrooper Keycaps


In Standby:
GH60 60%
-Gold Aluminum Case
-Zealio 67g switches
-DSA Sublimated Key caps

GH60 Rev. CHN 60%
-GH60 Rev. CHN PCB
-Pok3r White Aluminum case
-Gateron Green switches
-OG Desko Keycaps

-KUL ES-87 keyboard
-Gateron Yellow switches
-78g springs, lubed
-JTK White on Black keycaps

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