John Wick Chapter 2 Blu-Ray DVD Release Set

June 13, 2017.  You’ve been waiting, we’ve been waiting; the wait is coming to an end.  76 more days until John Wick lays down some sweet, sweet revenge in your living room.  While the filmmakers toil away determining the sorts of trouble and possible foes John Wick will encounter for chapter three the cover art and release date have been set for chapter two.  I actually preferred this iteration to the original and am very much looking forward to watching the rest of John Wick’s world unfold.  Filmmaker Derek Kolstad enjoyed putting John through the ringer for this sequel:

“In the first movie we had the past and present John, and in Chapter 2 you have this new iteration of John. We found it to be so exciting to have him completely and utterly fucked in and outside of his world in the sequel,”

Gird your loins and head over to Amazon to secure your John Wick Chapter 2 Blu-Ray.

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