SA Ocean Dolch Keycaps Group-Buy Open


There sure are a lot of Group-Buys opening this month.  This Group-Buy is for the SA Ocean Dolch colorway, and it looks great!  If you enjoy SA, or are looking to get in to a set this is a beauty.

Key information:
•   Keyset: SA Ocean Dolch
•   Designers: Mama + Hoq (creators of DSA WolfMark, GMK Ocean Dolch and SA Mechanist)
•   Base kit ($169.99): 128 keys with scooped F+J and two ISO Return Keys
•   Dolch Cyan kit ($49.99): 27 keys with novelties, cyan WASD/arrow, and novelties
•   MOQ: 100 units per kit with a price drop at 200 units ($10 on Base, $5 on DC)
•   Manufacturer/Profile: Signature Plastics SA double-shot ABS (112344)
•   Previous GH IC thread:

Indicative Timeline:
•   Group Buy: May 5th – June 5th 2017
•   Order to SP: June 14th 2017
•   Estimated shipping: June 2018


Join the Group-Buy!

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