Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Upgrades/Mods

I’m using this post to go through my adventure of printing mods for the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printer.

MOD: Top glass lid riser

Why? Raise the top of the glass lid to allow greater airflow through the printer when using filaments that do not require high temperatures in the enclosure. ex: PLA.



Installed: Not installed yet.

Thoughts? Not yet installed, but some say it does not do much in terms of temperature drop in the enclosure. There’s a few other options that allow LEDs to be run through the risers to help light the build plate.

Link: Link to Printables

Alternative: Top Lid Riser with channel for LEDs

MOD: Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Tool Holder

Why? Keep your tools together and on the front of your printer. Designed to sit right on top and sit flush against the AMS system.




Thoughts? I really like this! It’s well designed, it sits flush. It helps me keep my tools right on the printer! I highly recommend this print.

Link to Printables

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