Malwarebytes major memory leak crashing computers (UPDATED)

Malwarebytes seems to have released an update that is causing major issues with all Windows users who have it installed.  This might be related to the Web Protection settings as we can’t enable them anymore.  We haven’t found if it is affecting only premium or both free users yet, but there’s a large uproar over on the Malwarebytes forums.

I found it this morning when my computer started to act real funny, but the handy task manager showed the MBAMSERVICE.exe eating ~8gb of ram.  The process will continue to eat until 100% memory usage, and all other Windows services will crash.

You can try to disable the web protection to see if this helps, or just exit Malwarebytes entirely until a fix is released.


UPDATE:  Looks like Malwarebytes has fixed the issue with update 3803.  Start Malwarebytes, click on Updates : “Current” and it’ll start the update.  Once done, exit Malwarebytes and start it again.  Check Task Manager for any runaway memory leaks. It should be fixed.


Follow the thread over at Forum

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