Security Broker Robinhood to Begin Trading Bitcoin

Millennial targeting discount securities broker Robinhood has announced that it will soon begin trading the hot crypto-currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Just in case you needed yet another way to hop on the crypto-mania bandwagon, soon Robinhood will begin taking your money in exchange for not-money.  While we can’t yet see the buy/sell spreads or compare the quoted prices, Robinhood claims it will not be charging a fee for these crypto transactions.  It’s possible this “no fee” transaction will offer a significant benefit over the roughly 1.5% Coinbase will charge you but we’ll have to wait and see if that benefit materializes.  While this is definitely not an endorsement at all of Robinhood or buying Bitcoin or any other crypto, head on over to to see some sweet 1980s Tron inspired graphics to ring in the future of money, everything is neon in the future.

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