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OpenAI now offers batch uploading

Link to OpenAI's website discussing the Batch API: Introduction to Batch API Capabilities OpenAI's Batch API is a powerful tool designed for asynchronous processing, offering...

Firefox not respecting changing audio devices?

So, I ran into this weird audio problem today. Everything was fine yesterday and for months, but now my Stream Deck and Loupedeck combo...

The Rise of DLSS: Nvidia’s Vision for the Future of Gaming Graphics

In a recent roundtable discussion with Digital Foundry, Nvidia's Vice President of Applied Deep Learning Research, Bryan Catanzaro, made a significant claim that native...

Someone developed an iMessage export/backup tool

Apple has blocked any path to export your data from iMessage. Someone finally found a way to do this and allow the data...

New Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Printer!

A box came! The Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printer has arrived! We are so excited to set this up and start seeing the...

Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend – August 16-20 2018

All weekend, you can access the full game for FREE: including all of the maps, modes and Operators. WHEN CAN I PLAY? You can access the...

New mice to review! Zowie FK2 and Roccat Kone Pure Owl Eye

I just got these in from a redditor.  These are highly recommended mice with great sensors and very different shapes.  I am truly enjoying...
Zowie EC2-A Back Left

Zowie EC2-A Review

Zowie's EC2-A has been touted as one of the best FPS mice available.  Weighing in at 90g, the mouse offers a great sensor (3310 Optical),...

Stretches And Exercises For Gamers

Gaming has become a daily activity for a lot of people in any age range.  Whether you are using a controller or using a...

Congress to hear from SEC and CFTC on Cryptocurrency

  It was bound to happen.  Congress has summoned the heads of the Securities and Exchange Commissionand the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to tell them...

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