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Autonomous ErgoChair with updated partial review I'm quite interested in this chair.  I currently have a Herman Miller Aeron and it's has its ups and downs.  I like that it makes me sit proper, but I don't like that it... Star Wars has released the trailer for the next movie coming Christmas 2017. Were you a fan of Episode 7? What are your thoughts on this one? Jonah Ray is the new host, and this will be great.  Next month, the reboot of MST3K will be added to the Netflix collection and we are hoping for some good (terrible) movies to watch with your favorite commentators. Starting out...

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Fostex Headband

Fostex T50RP MK3 – Great Planar entry level headphones

Beautiful headphones, planar magnetic, low cost.  Fostex call them 'open' headphones but in reality they are ported. Thankfully this doesn't leak as much sound...

Apple announces Special Edition Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+

Announced today, Apple will be releasing a new Red version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+. Every purchase contributes to the Global Fund to...
Symantec Logo

Symantec backs it’s CA certificates

Head over to Symantec to read their response to Google's claim. Read Symantec's response
Glorious Keyboard

Glorious PC Gaming Modular Mechanical Keyboard 20% off with promo code “I-AM-GLORIOUS”

Glorious PC Gaming Modular Mechanical Keyboard They are offering the community 20% off their Modular Keyboard using promo code "I-AM-GLORIOUS". Trying out different switches, replacing old...

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