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It looks like the new hero will be a specimen named Hammond who was kept on the Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston! Check out the official tweet from Blizzard here.

El Gato StreamDeck+

A new revision of the StreamDeck has been released. The StreamDeck+ offers 2 rows of 4 LCD buttons, a touch screen bar, and 4 rotary knobs. So far I've gotten it out of the box and plugged in....
Head over to Symantec to read their response to Google's claim. Read Symantec's response

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Logitech K400 Plus Wireless – Great for media centers – $17.99

Just set up a new media center or have one without a great wireless setup? Look no further. This is a great keyboard trackpad...
Glorious Keyboard

Glorious PC Gaming Modular Mechanical Keyboard 20% off with promo code “I-AM-GLORIOUS”

Glorious PC Gaming Modular Mechanical Keyboard They are offering the community 20% off their Modular Keyboard using promo code "I-AM-GLORIOUS". Trying out different switches, replacing old...

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Upgrades/Mods

I'm using this post to go through my adventure of printing mods for the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printer. MOD: Top glass lid riser Why? Raise...
Artistic angle

Cooler Master Novatouch Keyboard – Topre with MX keycap compatibility, is it good?

This keyboard is so nice I bought two to replace all of my other 7 keyboards. I was so impressed with this keyboard that I...

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