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It looks like the new hero will be a specimen named Hammond who was kept on the Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston! Check out the official tweet from Blizzard here.
Zowie EC2-A Back Left

Zowie EC2-A Review

Zowie's EC2-A has been touted as one of the best FPS mice available.  Weighing in at 90g, the mouse offers a great sensor (3310 Optical), generic shape, and a benefit of not requiring any software.  Here are it's specs: General: 3310...
  Just bought a Steelseries Rival 600 to see if it is as enjoyable as the Rival (same as the 300).  I've been a fan of their mice and a bigger fan of their massive QCK+ mouse pads for a...

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silent switches

Cherry MX Silent Black switch group buy

Another successful Group-Buy ended with the Cherry MX Silent Red switch a month ago, and Sennin32 has started his next round with a different...

Greats shoes – Common Projects alternatives that are luxurious

Their description: A luxe, high-end sneaker fit for the king of any castle, every shoe is handmade in Italy by the...

Yubikey 5 and 5C token case

I've 3D printed a Yubikey case. There's two options for both the USB-A and USB-C variants of the Yubikey 5 NFC You can purchase...

Metro Exodus Gameplay Trailer!

Holy crap guys, the new Metro Exodus gameplay trailer is out, and it looks absolutely stunning. I'm loving vibrant colors, weapon design, and overall...

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